Aromatherapy Body Butter Organic Olive & Aloe with Organic ROSE & MILK in a box / 280ml (original price $25.90)

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Body Butter
It contains pro-B5, natural and organic extracts and oils. It is enriched with organic olive oil and organic aloe vera, moisturising deeply and leaving the skin refreshed and velvety soft.

USAGE: Apply the body butter to your entire body, concentrating especially on dry areas. Body butter's No. 1 use is moisturizing. It will restore moisture to your skin and help replenish the healthy look. Body butter has been known to help reduce early signs of wrinkling and to help make skin stronger and more resistant to being stretched. Use body butter after you get out of the shower or the pool. Body butter is also good when coming in from the cold. Water soaking into the skin will dry it out and crack it, but body butter will help keep the skin moisturized and lock the water and bad moisture out of your skin. This gives your skin a clean and shiny look all day.


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