Aromatherapy Body Lotion Organic Olive & Aloe with Organic OLIVE & ARONIA / 250ml (original price $20.90)

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Body Lotion with a wonderful aroma for well-being. Organic olive oil, organic aloe, aronia and natural extracts, oils and vitamins for hydratation, leaving the skin feeling soft and fresh.  Easily absorbed, this lotion fights dry and irritated skin.

USAGE: Apply enough lotion to your hands to do each body part at a time. Applying only enough lotion to your hands that is enough for each body party will ensure that you don't rush putting your lotion on, that you take your time and do it correctly. Start from your ankles and work your way up applying the lotion to all the parts of your body. Instead of applying the lotion in an up and down motion, apply it in a circular motion using the palms of your hands. Apply light pressure, massaging the lotion into your skin and giving your muscles a nice massage at the same time.


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